me coding at RoboCup 2003 in Padua

MP3Tool: Windows tool to manage mp3s and lists of mp3s including structure check, silence cutting, renaming, tagging, ...
1997-2004, 139KB, only in German, with separate source code (39KB)
full GermanTeam GT2004 Aibo source code containing final diploma stuff for ERS210 (14.5MB) and ERS7 (11.5 MB)
GRKeyb: german keyboard driver for DOS, with asm-source (2.3KB)
DosMine: Minesweeper for DOS(flatmem), extended graphics+highscores, with full asm-source (17KB). Runs fine in DosBox nowadays.
DJ Dufte Player: A special purpose Android mp3 player, see details.
other stuff may follow somewhen...