RoboCup played a very important role during my studies of computer sience. In fact, I consider it to be more important than the studies itself, because it was RoboCup that really taught me e.g. software development and team work... Throughout the years we programmed the following robot models produced by Sony to play soccer autonomously in teams against each other:

Aibo   ERS-110:ERS110   ERS-210:ERS210   ERS7:ERS7 (no longer produced).

robocuplogoRoboCup is an international project promoting Artificial Intelligence and robotics by organizing conferences and championships on robot soccer.

germanopenlogoGermanOpen is a local event in Paderborn (back then, now Magdeburg) intended to be something like a European championship suitable for preparation for the world championship.

germanteamlogoGermanTeam was a fruitful cooperation between a few German universities bundling forces to be competitive in RoboCup Four-Legged league.

aiboteamhumboldtlogoAiboTeamHumboldt finally was the name of the (quite small) group of people dealing with above robots at my university.